Version Control by Example: Review and how to get it for free.

I just read:
 Version Control by Example

It’s a free
printed book which can be shipped to your home for free by filling out a page
full of questions. 
If you want the details on how to get it shipped to your home or have any
questions about it find out the details here.

Quick review of
the book:


The book gives you
a quick intro about version control systems, it tells you about the history of
version control systems and how they got here. 

What the different
commands are for the version control systems and how they work in the specific
version control systems examined in the book. 

It then goes into
how you can use the different version control systems through the command line
interface, so that you can see the differences on how to handle increasingly
complex situations. 
The version control systems it gives the examples for are:

– Subversion
– Mercurial
– Git 
– Veracity (SourceGears product) 

There is also a
bit about the differences between DVCS and CVCS, distributed version control
systems and centralized version control systems. 

My Opinions 

I really like the
way the book looks, it’s pretty so it leaves a good first impression. 

In talking about
the differences between DVCS and CVCS I think it goes a long way to take away a
bit of the fear surrounding DVCS.

By focusing on the
command line clients of the different VCS systems you’re looking at the basics
which are great because it gives you the feeling of actually knowing what you’re
The reality for a developer like me working with VCS is someone not working
with command line clients but mostly using IDE  / Explorer integration to
get the job done.  
So the quality of integration and the tooling available around the VCS’es
becomes very important to the way I use VCS, still not talking about this makes
perfect sense to me because the tooling landscape is very adaptive and
will change over time and the VCS which is on top now can easily be on the
bottom when the next generation comes.

The book has quite
a bit of depth where it is needed, but it
also manages to keeps it short and simple in the examples.

There is a bit of
humor in the book, I like it and it keeps the book from getting a bit dry.


The book does its job in educating about VCS and also providing a reference.

Nowhere in the
book does it come over as a too much of a sales pitch for the product that the
writer has created which is a very impressive thing because of the bias one has
when talking about the product that he has created.

So go get it, it’s
free :)


I’m not associated with SourceGear in any way. 





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