SASS and CoffeeScript For .NET And Visual Studio

About a month ago I started diving into the world of Rails again. As I said in that blog post, Rails has always had much thought leadership and has always been a hip way to develop.

Now 2 of the main new technologies that where discussed in that blog post have made it into the .NET world in a very polished way.

Mindscape, the folks who made the wonderful LightSpeed ORM, have made the free Web Workbench, which supports LESS, SASS and CoffeeScript. I wrote a little bit about SASS and CoffeeScript in my previous post. LESS is the main competition for SASS, a comparison between these two in terms of syntax can be found here. One of the main differences is that LESS can also be interpreted on the client side within the browser with JavaScript.

Web Workbench features:

  • Code highlighting for all of these technologies.
  • Code generation for SASS and CoffeeScript which just works by saving the files your editing.
  • Intellisense for SASS and LESS.

This is a pretty clean way of being able to use these technologies in your next .NET web project.

Of course there are other ways, but that might be a story for a new blog post.

Mindscape also created a nice making of blog post for Web Workbench for which they used: F#, IronRuby, Jurassic and bits of Node.JS. This sounds like a pretty hard-to-cook recipe but it looks like they pulled it off.


As a bonus, here is a debate about LESS and SASS

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