Ruby On Rails 3.1 RC4

Let the fun begin

Ok diving into Rails after not having touched it in a while feels a bit painful to be honest.

Getting Started

Using the guide on: I got off to a good start.

Picking the latest version of Ruby + the rails 3.1 RC.
Then the first problem seems to be going after the database.

Sqlite3.dll needs to be downloaded and put into the rubypathbin directory.

Easy step to do just head over to to get that.

Now I tried getting MySql to work with this rails version, but after trying to use a specific (older) version of the mysql2 gem and using some compiling options I still didn’t get it to work.

This feels rather painful


The way Rails wants me to work is a little different from what I’m used to doing.

What I’m used to doing:

Model database (MySQL, MSSQL … )
Generate scaffold

Make the actual screens.

Rails does it differently.

I want my views generated from my model, this can be done in Rails by using the command line not through using files in which you set up the database.

The Rails way –> Use Command line –> create migration + controller + view


Create Model, either in database of code –> generate views

Now it can be achieved to get the views without regenerating by using something like nifty scaffolds, but this won’t give you the starting point in terms of forms etc which you can then edit.

To be Continued …

I’m sure there will be more fun in trying the Rails way again and that there will be some things which will be harder because I’m trying an RC release and not a safe stable version.

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