Ruby on Rails almost on Version 3.1


I’m finally granting myself some time again to write about the interesting things that I run across in development.

Its always interesting to see what the Rails world is doing to see what’s hip in development, because the Rails folks are hipsters and innovators.

This however isn’t always true.

Prepared statements are only now being built into Rails. This is quite surprising to me.

Prepared statements have long been a pretty good way of guarding against SQL injection.

So its a very good thing that they are being implemented.

CoffeeScript and SASS defaults now

CoffeeScript is a form of shorthand notation for JavaScript which compiles into JavaScript.

SASS is an extended version of CSS, which adds nesting, variables and selector inheritance.

jQuery default now

This is a good thing, everywhere in the industry jQuery is popping up as the default JavaScript framework.

Reversible migrations

Migrations (used for database changes) can be generated and no longer needs an up and down by default. Up and down are now ‘change’ and the down part will be inferred from the change command, wherever possible.


There wasn’t really a nice way to structure your JavaScript by default. Now there is and it has dependency management.

Things are divided into:
App, Lib, vendor

and into:
images, style sheets and JavaScript.



This handles JavaScript dependencies, concatenating and minifying for all the asset files.


Looking forward to seeing how development will go with ROR, I will probably try to see how things will go with ROR and then try to see how things will go doing the same application with ASP.NET MVC.

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