2010: Year of: Tablets, E-Readers, Internet Phones

A while back I predicted that motion detection would be the future of gaming.

I think we can say that with Sony and Microsoft heavily investing in motion detection and have some big projects down the line.

Microsoft with Project Natal and Sony with the Wand Controller.

My prediction for 2010 is that this is the year where people actually start using E-readers a lot.

There are a couple of different companies which will enter the market with new shiny Tablet computers.

Apple just recently presented the iPad (Apple’s take on Tablets) which has gotten a lot of press.
A short recap of the news surrounding it:

$499 starter model + $130 for 3g communication.
More expensive models available for more storage.

There will be an E-Book reader installed, amongst other things it will run almost all of the applications which are currently on sale for the iPhone / IPod Touch.

I have been using an iPhone for a little while now and it’s funny how much vendor lock there is.

Want to use applications or games, download those in apples AppStore, want music get it in iTunes, with the iPad there will also be an iBookstore.

Want to use your iPhone / iPad / iPod etc with a computer then you can synchronize between 1 computer and your iDevice.

You also can only install software on it which comes from the AppStore, so all the software needs to be approved by Apple itself.

Which means that some applications will never see the light of day.
It also means that Apple will be getting a fair amount of profit from these applications. Since Apple receives one third of all sales from the AppStore.

Recently they announced the 2 billionth downloaded application from the AppStore. This probably translates into quite a bit of cash for Apple.

Ok so the iPad with it’s pricing will probably be a big hit. It will also invite others to do the same trick and try to do it even cheaper.

This means that there will be a few very nicely priced Tablets floating around soon.

One of the main uses of these Tablets will probably be reading e-books/comics/magazines.

So prediction nr 1 for 2010:

E-readers and off course Tablets will become a big thing in 2010.

Predication nr 2 for 2010:

People will be using internet even more on phones and unlimited internet access for phones will become very common.

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