Developer Candy: Faster, Iron and Browser Ruby

This week there are 3 pieces of candy which are all sort of related, they are all talking about ruby

Candy nr 1: Faster ruby

Ruby for windows has long been available as a 1 click installer, this one click installer is based on Visual C++ version 6 which came out in 1998.

There is an effort going on to update this installer to a newer version of Mingw + GCC.

The new installer is called Rubyinstaller and can be found here.

How much faster is it?
Benchmarks can be found here.

Candy nr 2: Iron ruby

IronRuby has been around for quite some time, it’s now up to it’s 0.9 release.

Which would seem to be getting closer to the 1.0 mark. It has reached most of it’s compatibility goals and it’s main focus now seems to be performance.

For those of you wondering what IronRuby is:

IronRuby is a .Net implementation of Ruby based on the DLR, the dynamic brother of the CLR on which most of the regular .Net languages are based.

IronRuby is both available on windows and on Mono.

More information can be found on it’s about page.

Candy nr 3: Browser ruby

Last piece of candy is Gestalt. Gestalt is a way of using Ruby / Python / XAML in the browser by leveraging the Silverlight plugin.

This means that it will work on any browser which has the Silverlight plugin installed.

It can be called by placing a reference to the gestalt.js file which can be downloaded from the downloads page.

This means that DOM manipulation, animation etc is possible by using Ruby or Python.


I Hope you enjoyed these pieces of Ruby candy hopefully I will be back again soon with more candy.

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